Lots of Updates

I have made some significant updates to the blog. Beyond adding several new posts, here are recent updates you should check out:

-New Pages! I broke up the Historic Buildings Database: Residential page as it was just getting too large. I separated the Old Towne East/King-Lincoln section into its own page, and may at some point separate out more neighborhoods. In the meantime, I have added dozens of new houses to the residential pages, along with new maps and updated information.

-I also started another Historic Buildings Database page for hotels and retail buildings. There’s not a lot on it yet, but it will grow just as the residential pages have.

-I added more Google Maps links: Columbus’ Lost Historic Buildings map for historic buildings that have been destroyed or lost, and a general Columbus Historic Building map for those buildings that still exist. I have also added a Columbus Development 2014-2017 map. Check them out! They have all been recently updated, and will be continuously updated.

-I have made several updates to the individual weather month pages, and added a page for April.

-I added new share links for posts and pages, so that if you like what you see, please share it!

-Finally, I have added a new comment system using the Disqus platform. I’d love to see more comments, suggestions and conversation take place here.


So today I made several updates. I posted Christmas Day weather climatology and also added a new December Weather page. I updated the November Weather page with 2013 information and also updated the Columbus Development page with all recent proposals and updated project counts.


New Updates

I have updated several of the Pages, including Columbus Development, the Historic Building Database and the November Weather pages. I have also added a few new cool links dealing with Ohio’s history where you can look at historic buildings for every county and city, including Columbus.

New Post Release Schedule

I’ve more or less been updating this site rather randomly… sometimes a few times a day, sometimes not for a week. What I want to do is be a bit more organized, not only with when I post, but about what. I decided to break down each month into a 4-week posting schedule, each week dedicated to a general category.

Here is the tentative monthly release schedule.

Week 1: Weather
Monday: Historic Event- An individual event is highlighted.
Tuesday: Cool Link- If no link, no post on this day.
Wednesday: Monthly Records- I have already released some all-time monthly records, and will continue to do so until all 12 months are complete. Once complete, this will be replaced with something else.
Thursday: Cool Link
Friday: Yearly Weather Records- An individual year will be highlighted.
Saturday: Cool Link
Sunday: Other- This could be any related news or information.

Week 2- Development
Monday: Project Highlight- Individual project will be detailed. This could include recently completed, ongoing or future.
Tuesday: Cool Link/News Story
Wednesday: Monthly Development Update- Current month’s update on recently completed, ongoing or recently announced projects.
Thursday: Cool Link/News Story
Friday: Fantasy Project- A fun little “what-if” of what I’d like to see for Columbus.
Saturday: Cool Link/News Story
Sunday: Other

Week 3- Economy/Jobs
Monday: Local Economic News- News story related to local economy.
Tuesday: Cool Link
Wednesday: Monthly Jobs Data- BLS monthly data for the Columbus Metro.
Thursday: Cool Link
Friday: Local Economic News
Saturday: Cool Link
Sunday: Other

Week 4- Demographics
Monday: Neighborhood Profile- A profile of a specific neighborhood.
Tuesday: Cool Link
Wednesday: Census Report- A new or reworked census report for Columbus.
Thursday: Cool Link/News Story
Friday: Tract Profile- Similar to Neighborhood Profile, but getting down to block levels.
Saturday: Cool Link
Sunday: Other

Beyond these, I’ll continue to update and better the Pages, but those updates will stay random and will just depend on when I have time.