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Columbus Area Murders by Zip Code 2008-2015

*Originally posted in 2013, reposted on 3/4/2015 and again on 1/28/2016, with updated maps.

I have been wanting to do these maps for awhile now, as there have been several searches on the site for them and they weren’t available. It took a lot of work, but here they are!


In 2008, almost all murders were contained within the I-270 boundaries. The East and South Sides were the worst areas.


In 2009, there began to be a bit of diffusion on where murder was taking place. While parts of the urban core remained the worst areas, suburban areas also saw the occasional murder.


The diffusion continued in 2010.


And in 2011.


2012 was the most diffuse of all the years, with no heavily concentrated areas, even in the urban core as much. Meanwhile, most of the suburban zip codes within Franklin County saw at least 1 murder.



2015 saw most activity on the eastern side of the city, particular South Linden and the Far East Side around Whitehall and Reynoldsburg, but all areas along the 270 area on the Far East Side had the highest levels of murder in the county. The central core generally stayed a lot lower.

Questions Answered- Columbus Zip Codes

Every week, people visiting the site do searches looking for specific information and on questions they have. Sometimes I’ll have the information available, sometimes I don’t. In this occasional series, I’ll choose a previously uncovered topic and try to put something together.

The first one is super easy. One of the most popular searches is for a Columbus zip code map. Take your pick.

This link has Ohio’s map which you can scroll down and print any version.

Here’s an individual zip code list with maps for each.

And here’s a link for a map in which you can find out just about any kind of information for each zip code.

And if those links aren’t good enough, here are some basic maps.

Hope that helps!