Thunderstorm Wind

This page includes all thunderstorm-related wind reports from severe weather events that produced fewer than 5 total severe weather reports. Events with more than 5 reports can be found at the Weather Outbreaks page.

**Last Updated: 5/19/2020.


April 14, 2019 Event
Several reports of high winds and wind damage from thunderstorms occurred across the area. See details here:
April 12, 2019: Thunderstorm-induced traight-line winds of 70-75MPH hit Union County at 8:57AM. See details here:


May 14, 1997
Afternoon thunderstorms brought wind and hail to Central Ohio. In Canal Winchester, winds of up to 60MPH knocked down numerous trees, blocking several roads.

May 3, 1997
Thunderstorms developed just east and north of Columbus around Noon. They produced winds up to 70MPH around Pataskala, knocking down numerous trees. In Chesterville in Morrow County, thunderstorm winds destroyed a machine shed and took the roof off a barn.


Sunday, July 3, 1955
Several thunderstorms developed in the Columbus area in the early afternoon. A storm in Delaware County produced lightning that killed 4 members of a family hiding under a tree. In Columbus, strong winds “like a mini tornado” struck the Bexly area, blocking at least a dozen streets with downed trees and damaging some homes.

Friday, March 11, 1955
A strong thunderstorm hit the Columbus area between 4:15AM-5AM on Friday morning. While the storm bright heavy rain, hail and lightning- which burned out transit lines on Cleveland Avenue- the main story was the wind. Across the city, winds top 70mph, blowing out windows and downing trees and power lines. Electricity was knocked out to large sections of the city and county. Traffic was hampered throughout the early morning by roads blocked by trees and debris. A skylight at the Statehouse was blown off and several buildings, including the Downtown Lazarus and Town & Country Shopping Center, had windows blown out.

Wind damage from the 3/11/1955 storm.


Sunday, May 18, 1890: A severe storm brought very strong winds to the northern end of Columbus at around 4PM. At Elizabeth Street near Harbor Road, a 2 story frame house under construction was blown apart. 6 boys seeking shelter inside were injured by falling bricks. Another house just to the north on E. 3rd Avenue was blown off its foundation about 5 inches. East of these homes, trees as large as 2.5 feet in diameter were snapped. It’s possible a small tornado occurred at these locations.
Additional damage occurred to trees along East Broad Street, McMillan Avenue and other places throughout the city.

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