Cool Link of the Day: Ohio’s Ghost Towns

If you’re interested in Ohio’s many long-lost small towns and villages, this is a great link. You can search through information for every county, read town histories, view photos and more. There are also links to old maps and indexes, as well as historic research resources. Take a look!

Ohio Ghost Town Exploration Co.


There have been a lot of updates and additions to the site in the last month.

The Historic Building Database pages now contain more than 1,200 buildings.

A new Local Sports History page has been added under the History tab. It contains information on Columbus’ college, minor and major league sports teams going back to the 19th Century.

The May Weather page has been updated with 2020 data, and records can be viewed back to 1879.

The numerous severe weather pages have all been updated to some degree over the past month or so with more links, events and even videos.

The Demographics and Population pages have been updated with 2019 population data, as well as various information related to income, GDP, housing and more!

Finally, a new Columbus Crime Statistics page has been added under the Demographics and Population tab. You can view total crimes, crime rates and maps going back to 1985.

Cool Link of the Day: Black-Owned Businesses

With the economic collapse, pandemic and racial strife, Columbus’ minority-owned businesses need and deserve your support more than ever!


40 businesses are listed here, but there are far more within the city, and even more in the suburbs and other Ohio cities. Follow the links within the site to check out businesses throughout the region.

Stay safe out there!