Proposed Development

This pages contains all development projects that have been proposed or are in the planning stages.

The projects will be organized in the following way:
1. The name of the street the projects fall under.
2. The year of expected completion.
3. The status of the project. This will include the categories of New, Renovation or Expansion.
4. The type of project. These will include the categories of Office, Residential, Mixed-Use, Infrastructure, Hotel, Education, Health or Recreation.
5. The specific address of the project, if known or applicable.
6. The name of the project, if known or applicable.
7. The cost of the project, if known.
8. The number of residential units, if known or applicable.
9. The height in the number of stories, if known or applicable.
10. A link to the project’s announcement, if available.

Check out development maps to see the exact locations and before and after photos here:
2010-2013 Development
2014-2019 Development
2020-2025 Development

Last Updated: 6/15/2019- under reconstruction.

Dublin Road
2020- New Mixed-Use: NE Corner of Dublin Road and Trabue Road: Marble Cliff Canyon: Unknown: 864 Units: Unknown

Dublin-Granville Road
2020- New Residential: 2424 W. Dublin-Granville Road: Residential Project: Unknown: 162 Units: 3 Stories

Fifth Avenue
2020- New/Renovation Residential: 2015 W. 5th Avenue: Residential Project: Unknown: 37 Units: 3 Stories

Front Street
2021- New Mixed-Use: 226 S. Front Street: Millennial Tower: $150 Million: 179 Units: 27 Stories

Gay Street
2020- New Residential: 932 E. Gay Street: Residential Project: Unknown: 25 Units: 3 Stories

Goodale Street
2020- Renovation Retail: 134 E. Goodale Street: Retail Project: Unknown

Grant Avenue
2020- New Mixed-Use: 56 S. Grant Avenue: Apartment Project: Unknown: 145 Units: 5 Stories

High Street
2021- New Hotel: 500 N. High Street: Hilton Hotel: $220 Million: 28 Stories

Main Street
2020- New Residential: 554 E. Main Street: Residential Project: Unknown: 19 Units: 4 Stories

Rings Road
2021- New Mixed-Use: NE Corner of Frantz Road and Rings Road: Mixed-Use Project: Unknown: Unknown

Spruce Street
2021- New Mixed-Use: 59 W. Spruce Street: North Market Tower: $120 Million: Unknown: 35 Stories

Vernon Tharpe Street
2021- New Education: 601 Vernon Tharpe Street: The Frank Stanton Veterinary Spectrum of Care Clinic: $17.7 Million: Unknown