Other West Side

This page has before and after photos of historic photos for West Side areas not already included in Franklinton, Hilltop, Upper Arlington and Grandview Heights.

Only photos taken before 1930 are included. Click on an photo for a larger image.

**Last Updated: 1/17/2020.

Existing Historic Buildings

Brown Road
1. Dudley Cameron House: 1986 Brown Road: 1929

Photo taken in 1965.

Photo taken in 2017.

Harrisburg Pike
1. Robert Sheeders House: 1899 Harrisburg Pike: 1926

Photo taken in 1943.

Photo taken in 2014.

2. Elmer Swain House: 1982 Harrisburg Pike: 1919

Photo taken in 1955.

Photo taken in 2019.

Demolished Historic Buildings

Riverside Drive
1. Amaziah Hutchinson House: 5292 Riverside Drive: 1821-11/20/2013: Demolished to build Berkeley House apartment complex.

Photo taken in 2013.

Photo taken in 2018.