Columbus Crime Statistics

Crime statistics are based on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Data.

**Last Updated: 5/28/2020- added demographic data for 2019

Violent Crime

The definition of rape was expanded beginning in 2013.

Property Crime

In 2019, there were 106 murders in Columbus, though these figures have not yet been finalized and put up on the UCD site, and therefore have not been added to the above graphs. However, from that data, here was the demographic breakdown of 2019’s murders.

Of the 106 murders, 47 have known perpetrators. Here was the racial breakdown of victim and perp of those 47.

Zip Code 43211 includes all of southern and central Linden.

Demographics for other years will be added over time.

For information on Ohio’s far too many cold cases, go here:
Ohio Cold Cases
You can search cases by city, date, victim name or other information.

And for a decent interactive crime map, 10TV has one where you can search through crimes based on dates, crime types and other data.
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