Canceled Development

This page highlights all development proposals and ideas that either never materialized or were canceled at some stage.

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**Last Updated: 6/16/2019- Under reconstruction.

1967- Domed Sports Arena
A proposal for a 50,000 seat arena built within a rock quarry in Marble Cliff was floated after a study commissioned by the superintendent of the Columbus Recreation Department, Melvin Dodge, was completed. The study suggested that a large arena could be built inside an existing or tailor-made quarry site by building it on steel trusses and a double layer of inflatable plastic. While Dodge pushed City Council to explore the idea further, lack of interest, competition with existing city teams and infrastructure, and lack of financing prevented it from going much further.

1986- Ohio Penitentiary Mixed-Use Conversion- Coming Soon
$110 Million, 400 units

1987- Center Place- Coming Soon
230 s. High Street, 27 Stories, $50 million

1987-1992- Riverbend Place
In 1986, a parking garage was built at 40 N. Front Street. The garage was specifically designed and built to handle a multi-floor addition on top, and the following year, a 10-story, $23.5 million office building was proposed, making the entire building 19 stories in height. Originally, the city wanted to move some offices there, but when that plan fell through, other tenants were sought out. Midland Mutual was interested for a while, but that fell through as well. The project was supposed to open in 1988, but kept getting pushed back. In 1990, the LeVeque family became involved and pushed for a more mixed-use addition with 3 floors of condos, pushing the project to 20 stories and the price tag to near $40 million. The last mention I could find of this project was in 1991 when it was given a 50-50 chance of moving forward in 1992. It seemed either financing or a lack of potential tenants eventually killed this one. The garage still exists, and because it was built to handle more floors, a new proposal could one day still appear.

1988- Waterford Tower II- Coming Soon
10 stories

1993- Capitol Place Tower

Capitol Place Tower rendering around 1990.

In 1990, the Columbus Dispatch, in partner with Galbreath Interests, proposed a $150 million, 42-story office tower for the parking lot at 50 S 3rd just south of the 34 S. 3rd Street Dispatch offices. Over the next few years, architectural designs were completed, financing was secured and a construction timetable called for groundbreaking in the fall of 1993. That summer, however, the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of New York, the financiers, abruptly pulled out of the project. When no other financing partners stepped forward, the project was eventually canceled.

1994-1996- Soccer Stadium- Coming Soon

1997- Bicentennial Plaza Apartments- Coming Soon
71 W. Rich Street, 21 Stories

2008- Buggyworks Phase II- Coming Soon
400 W. Nationwide Boulevard, 23 Stories