Update- Historic Residential Pages

I added a few dozen more houses to the Historic Residential pages, mostly to the Other Residential page. These are some of the site’s most popular pages, so if anyone out there has old photos of homes or neighborhoods around Columbus, I would love to add them! In the meantime, enjoy the more than 325 featured historic homes.

Another New Page!

So I’ve been out of commission due to technical problems the last week, but I’m finally back. In the meantime, I’ve been working on a new tract map page that will eventually be filled with demographic, population, crime and other various maps based on the census tract level. These seem to be somewhat hard to find, so hopefully it will be a popular new page. Look for this new Census Tract Maps page under the Pages section.

Update- Census Tract Data Page Split

I decided to split the census tract data page into two, one for tracts within the orginal core and one page for the tracts that were formed after 1950. I will eventually make a list of what neighborhoods are made up of what tracts, but for now I’m just going to keep adding data for each Franklin County tract. There are well over 100 more to go.