Colorado Springs Envies Columbus

Well, at least in this article they do, from the Colorado Springs Business Journal:

Reading the article, the intro certainly catches some attention as to the impression of the city to outsiders. Columbus is still seen by some as having the Rust-Belt stereotypes that other Midwestern/Great Lakes cities do, but the author goes on to say that the opposite is true and the city is thriving with public/private investment in projects throughout the urban center. The article offers a look on how Columbus is increasingly making a name for itself nationally. It’s not the first article about the city from an outside source the last year and certainly won’t be the last. More and more people seem to be discovering that Columbus is not mired in failed industry and crippling depression, but is rather an economically vibrant, rapidly diversifying city that is increasingly rivaling these “destination” cities in the South and West which seem to grow almost exclusively on the number of sunny days rather than impressive works of urban living. Columbus has much to be proud of, not only for maintaining itself during much rougher years of previous decades, but by seemingly reaching its social and cultural peak each and every day.