How I Would Redevelop Westland Mall

*Republished 1/21/2016.

Next up on the easy reposts is this Google Map I made about redeveloping the Westland Mall site. It was recently announced that Westland Mall will very likely be torn down sometime later this year, but the current owners have not yet given any details on a potential redevelopment plan. Here is the article about Westland’s imminent doom:

What I would like to see go into this huge site is a new neighborhood that employs a lot of urban-style characteristics. That means low to mid-rise mixed-use buildings that surround a large urban park. The buildings would contain ground floor retail with residential above. Offices, markets and hotel space would also be included in the new neighborhood. The buildings would front both West Broad and Georgesville Road. New multi-use paths would connect this development to existing paths on Georgesville and to the miles-long Camp Chase Trail along the railroad tracks near Sullivant and Georgesville. The main central park would have playground space, a ball field or two, and perhaps even a small pond. Bike lanes would go throughout, along with wide sidewalks for potential restaurant and retail patio space. Basically, this would be like the West Side’s version of the Bridge Park development in Dublin. Read more about that project here: This would end up being a hugely transformative project for the West Side in a way that the new casino never could be. I suspect, however, that the developer will go with some kind of single-story, single-use big box retail concept like a Walmart, along with fast food outlets near West Broad. Hopefully, that is not the case and they are more forward thinking.

So here is the map I made on the general idea of what I think should happen:

In the past, I have made similar redevelopment maps for other areas. Check them out too!
Arena District West:
Southeast Downtown:

Columbus Metro Biking/Pedestrian Infrastructure Map

So first up to repost from the data loss will be one of the easiest. As mentioned the first time, I wanted to create a map that included the 10-county metro area highlighting every bit of existing, planned and under construction infrastructure involving biking and pedestrian activities. There are some existing maps that show this, but they are not regularly updated and they lack significant detail in what type of infrastructure exists.

Here is the link to the map:

The map is still very much a work in progress. I have neither finished the existing infrastructure level or the planned infrastructure level. I update it a bit more almost every day, so keep checking back!

Cool Link of the Day: Living Wage Calculator Map

Interested in knowing how the minimum wage of an area compares to a living wage? Take a look at the map. You can go down to county and metro level. Columbus does well compared to most of the nation, but no minimum wage is enough in any area to equal a local living wage.

Questions Answered: Columbus Malls and Shopping

In a semi-regular series, I will be attempting to answer questions or provide information based on popular searches on the site. In today’s addition, I will talk retail. I get a lot of searches for Columbus-area malls and shopping. I had to think about the best way to tackle this, because Columbus has so much retail- it’s considered to be one of the best cities per-capita for shopping.

Here is just a straight list of some of the major centers with all information I could find, as well as a Google Map location.

Major Malls
Eastland Mall
Opened: 1968 (Renovation 2003)
Address: 2740 Eastland Mall Site B, Columbus 43232
Phone: 614-861-3234
Hours: M-S: 10AM-9PM Sunday: 12PM-6PM
# of Retail Stores: 74
# of Restaurants/Eateries/Grocery: 6
Mall Website:
Google Map:

Easton Town Center
Opened: 1999 (Expansions in 2001, 2013 and 2014)
Address: 160 Easton Town Center, Columbus 43219
Phone: 614-416-7000
Hours: M-T: 10AM-9PM F-S: 10AM-10PM Sunday: 12PM-6PM
# of Retail Stores: 164
# of Restaurants/Eateries/Grocery: 56
Mall Website:
Google Map:

The Mall at Tuttle Crossing
Built: 1997
Address: 5043 Tuttle Crossing Blvd, Dublin 43016
Phone: 614-717-9604
Hours: M-S: 10AM-9PM Sunday: 11AM-6PM
# of Retail Stores: 125+
# of Restaurants/Eateries/Grocery: 20+
Mall Website:
Google Map:

Polaris Fashion Place
Opened: 2001 (Expansions/Renovations in 2008 and 2015)
Address: 1500 Polaris Parkway, Columbus 43240
Phone: 614-846-1500
Hours: M-T: 10AM-9PM F-S: 10AM-9:30PM Sunday: 12PM-6PM
# of Retail Stores: 200
# of Restaurants/Eateries/Grocery: 20
Mall Website:
Google Map:

Minor Malls/Retail Centers
Great Southern Shopping Center
Address: 3747 S. High Street, Columbus 43207
Phone: N/A
Hours: N/A
# of Retail Stores: 55
Website: N/A
Google Map:

Lennox Town Center

Address: 1755 Olentangy River Road
Phone: 1-877-225-5337 (Management Company)
Hours: 9AM-5PM
# or Retail Stores: 15
Website: N/A
Google Map:

Northern Lights Shopping Center
Address: 3349-3561 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus 43224
Phone: 1-866-352-6468 (Management Company)
# of Retail Stores: 80
Google Map:

The Shops at Worthington Place
Address: 7227 N. High Street, Worthington 43085
Phone: 614-841-1110
Hours: M-S: 10AM-8PM Sunday: 12PM-5PM
# of Retail Stores: 25+
# of Restaurants/Eateries/Grocery: 8
Google Map:

Town & Country Shopping Center
Address: 3772 E. Broad Street, Columbus 43213
Phone: N/A
Hours: N/A
# of Retail Stores: 55
Website: N/A
Google Map:

Questions Answered- Columbus Zip Codes

Every week, people visiting the site do searches looking for specific information and on questions they have. Sometimes I’ll have the information available, sometimes I don’t. In this occasional series, I’ll choose a previously uncovered topic and try to put something together.

The first one is super easy. One of the most popular searches is for a Columbus zip code map. Take your pick.

This link has Ohio’s map which you can scroll down and print any version.

Here’s an individual zip code list with maps for each.

And here’s a link for a map in which you can find out just about any kind of information for each zip code.

And if those links aren’t good enough, here are some basic maps.

Hope that helps!