Cool Link of the Day: Census Record Transcribing

Okay, so this might not be the coolest link I’ve put on this site, but it may be one of the most important. The US Census records go back all the way to the 1700s, and a lot of these records have either not been digitized at all, or only rough copies exist in many different formats. Due to age, use, insect and water damage, etc., some of these records are in danger of disappearing forever. Many others are difficult to use because of the varying formats. Because of this, transcribing them into a standardized digital form is critical.
This site allows anyone from the general public to choose individual records and volunteer to transcribe them digitally. No experience necessary! The site gives basic walkthroughs and other how-to information, so anyone can do it, and at their own speed in their free time. Just click on the state and area of your choice and go from there.

Cool Link of the Day: Columbus Less Religious Than Las Vegas?

According to this survey, yes. Columbus has more religiously unaffiliated residents in its metro than does Sin City!

In Ohio, Cincinnati and Cleveland were both ranked several points more religious than Columbus as well.

Cool Link of the Day: Demographics by Distance

This link, entitled The Changing Shape of American Cities, gives comparison maps for multi-demographic data points between 1990 and 2012 for dozens of cities, including Columbus. It gives this demographic information by breaking it down by the status at the mile distance from “City Hall”, or from the center of each city’s downtown area.

Using these graphs, here are some examples of the information we can see for Columbus’s immediate downtown.

% of Population with a Bachelor’s Degree at Mile 0
1990: 26%
2012: 51%

% of Population Aged 22-34 at Mile 0
1990: 32%
2012: 38%

% of Population Living Below the Poverty Line at Mile 0
1990: 30%
2012: 27%

Check out these and lots more.

Cool Link of the Day: Mapping Commuting Patterns

Curious to know how people get to work in every county in the United States? Use the following link to find out.

The map was constructed using 2013 data, so it’s fairly recent. As for Franklin County? Here’s the breakdown:

Drive Alone: 82%
Carpool: 8%
Public Transit: 2%
Walk: 2%
Bicycle: 1%
Taxi or Other: 1%
Work from Home: 4%

The numbers are overwhelmingly auto-centric, as they are nearly everywhere, but what the numbers don’t show are any trends.