Lots of Updates

I have made some significant updates to the blog. Beyond adding several new posts, here are recent updates you should check out:

-New Pages! I broke up the Historic Buildings Database: Residential page as it was just getting too large. I separated the Old Towne East/King-Lincoln section into its own page, and may at some point separate out more neighborhoods. In the meantime, I have added dozens of new houses to the residential pages, along with new maps and updated information.

-I also started another Historic Buildings Database page for hotels and retail buildings. There’s not a lot on it yet, but it will grow just as the residential pages have.

-I added more Google Maps links: Columbus’ Lost Historic Buildings map for historic buildings that have been destroyed or lost, and a general Columbus Historic Building map for those buildings that still exist. I have also added a Columbus Development 2014-2017 map. Check them out! They have all been recently updated, and will be continuously updated.

-I have made several updates to the individual weather month pages, and added a page for April.

-I added new share links for posts and pages, so that if you like what you see, please share it!

-Finally, I have added a new comment system using the Disqus platform. I’d love to see more comments, suggestions and conversation take place here.