Historic Building Database Coverage Map

Database Map
The Historic Building Database pages get larger almost by the day. As of today, there are 1,193 buildings on the various HBD pages, the vast majority of those being residential structures. As far as I’m aware, this is the largest single collection of before and after photos of historic buildings ever assembled on any one site. The new map, linked above, shows current street coverage of these buildings. The map itself is not fully updated, but over the next few days, it should be completed. Afterwards, it will be continuously updated weekly to reflect new streets covered in the database. Eventually, I hope to add links to the map to the buildings themselves, but that may be a while in future.

Columbus Historic Buildings Mapped on Google


This link is continuously being updated because there are thousands and thousands of historic buildings in the Columbus area. I am focusing on just those within I-270. Information includes the address or name of the building, the year or approximate time built, height in stories, original and current uses, as well as whether or not it is on the National Register of Historic Buildings. If so, I included the year that it was added to the Register.

The buildings on the map go all the way back to 1804 and run through 1925.

Because this map is a work in progress, the link will be permanent under the City Resources links on the home page. Keep checking back to see more places being added over time.