Random Columbus Photos #4

Date Photo Taken: 1989
Photo Location: Looking west on Broad Street from LeVeque Tower.

This photo is interesting for a few reasons. First, it shows the beginning of construction to replace the Broad Street Bridge over the Scioto River. After the Great Flood of 1913 destroyed an earlier Broad Street Bridge, the one in the photo was finished in 1921. By the early 1980s, the bridge was rapidly deteriorating and the decision was made to replace it. It’s reconstruction start, however, was delayed until 1988 due to a contract to keep the Columbus 500 auto race going, which used the bridge. The nearly identical new bridge was completed in 1992 at a cost of $13.2 million.
Across the bridge is the Scioto Peninsula. On the right is Vets Memorial, built in the 1950s and recently demolished to make way for a new memorial and museum as part of the redevelopment of the peninsula. On the left is the old Central High School, years before it was converted into COSI’s new location. Also of note are warehouse and other buildings that still existed on the peninsula, remnants of when this area was largely manufacturing. These were mostly demolished in the 1990s and early 2000s and were left as vacant lots for well over a decade, some of them becoming parking lots for COSI. These lots will soon become part of a large mixed-use development and park.

2012 Development Projects Completed

Major Projects Completed in 2012

1. Downtown Hilton Hotel
This was a 12-story, 532 room hotel built on a surface lot directly across from the Columbus Convention Center. It was built at a cost of about $150 million and took about 18 months to complete. Along with the hotel, a glass skywalk was added connecting the hotel to the convention center. Here is the link to their website that contains rate information along with a photo gallery: http://www.hiltoncolumbusdowntown.com/default-en.html

2. Nationwide’s Office Building
Built at the corner of North Front and West Nationwide Blvd on a surface lot, this was a $26 million, 5-story office building built to allow Nationwide to bring back 1,000 workers from the suburbs. Along with the building, a pocket park with paths was installed connecting High Street with the building. Follow the construction of this building here: http://www.columbusunderground.com/forums/topic/nationwide-building-5-story-office-building-at-front-and-nationwide

3. Columbus Casino
This $400 million casino was built on the former Delphi Plant site at West Broad and Georgesville Road. It is the largest casino in Ohio and opened in October. Find out more here: http://www.hollywoodcolumbus.com/

4. Nationwide Children’s Hospital Expansion
The hospital added a 12-story tower along with a parking garage and research center along Parsons Avenue just outside of Downtown. The $840 million project allowed NCH to become the 2nd largest pediatrics center in the country. Follow its construction here: http://www.columbusunderground.com/forums/topic/nationwide-childrens-hospital-news-discussion

5. Rich Street Bridge
The new Rich Street Bridge replaced the one on Town Street. It was the second new bridge to span the Scioto River after the Main Street Bridge opened in 2011. Both connect Downtown to Franklinton. The $32 million bridge opened in July.