Historic Building Database: All Other

This page is for all historic buildings that do not fit in Residential, Office, Hotel or Retail categories.

**Last updated 3/26/2019- Added 1 building.

**Total Buildings Featured: 6

Downtown Existing

Broad Street
1. Broad Street Methodist Episcopal Church: 501 E. Broad Street: 1885

Photo taken in 1897.

Photo taken in 2016.

Downtown Demolished

Broad Street
1. First Congregational Church: 74 E. Broad Street: 1857-April 18, 1932: Unknown reason for demolition. The modern Ohio Supreme Court building currently occupies the site.

Photo taken in 1901.

Photo taken in 2016.

Franklinton Demolished

Broad Street
1. H.C. Godman Shoe Company: 347 W. Broad Street: Before 1900-Around 1997: Demolished for parking during the Central High School conversion to COSI’s new location.

Photo taken in 1901.

Old Towne East/King-Lincoln Existing

Broad Street
1. East Broad Street Presbyterian Church: 760 E. Broad Street: 1894

Photo taken in 1948.

Photo taken in 2016.

OSU Campus/Weinland Park Existing

King Avenue
1. United Methodist Church: 299 W. King Avenue: 1920: The original church, which had a similar design, but smaller size, burned down in August 1918.

Rendering of the Neil Avenue view of the new church from 1919.

Photo from 2018.

South Side Existing

Groveport Road
1. Clarfield School: 3220 Groveport Road: 1925

Photo taken in 1926.

Photo taken in 2015.

South Side Demolished