Historic Building Database- Hotel/Retail/Office

This new page will be similar to the residential database in that I will provide historic photos of buildings around the city, in this case those of an office/retail/hotel nature, along with current photos of the sites.

The following entries are organized as follows: House name or name of prominent former resident if there is one, address, lifespan dates and reason for demolition, if applicable or known. A historic photo and a Google Maps link to the former/current location is also given.

**Last updated 1/22/2017.

Downtown Demolished
1. The Hotel Star- 231 N. High Street- Dates for when it was built and when it was demolished are unknown. The building was just north of the Chittenden Hotel.

Photo taken ca. 1905 from Hickory Street facing west. Hickory Street used to run next to 231 N. High, but the Nationwide office complex eliminated the street on this block.

2. American Insurance Union Building: 40 West Broad Street: 1905-1924: Demolished, along with all other buildings on the block) for the construction of the AIU Tower (later known as the LeVeque Tower).

Photo taken in 1915.

Photo taken in 2015.

Downtown Existing
1. The Atlas Building, aka The Columbus Savings and Trust Company Building- 2 E. Long Street- 1905

Photo taken ca. 1905-1910.