Columbus Demographics

Last Update: 4/2/2018

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Columbus City

The high growth of square miles from the 1950s through the 1970s was due almost entirely to an aggressive annexation policy by the then-mayor. Annexation has been more or less on the decline since then.

Franklin County

Columbus Metro Area

Components of Metro Population Change


Columbus Crime

Violent Crime

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Miscellaneous for Franklin County
Percent Below Poverty Line: 17%
Median Household Income: $50,045
Per-Capita Income: $26,646
Percent on Foodstamps: 14%
Average Commute Time: 20 Minutes
Average Hours Worked Per Week: 38.4
Gender Ratio (# of Men Per 100 Women): 94
Percent of Population That Didn’t Graduate High School: 10%
Rent as a Percent of Income: 29.8%
Average # of Rooms Per House: 5.4
Houses Without Bathrooms Per 10,000: 48
Average Age of All Buildings: 40 Years