Columbus Area Murders by Zip Code 2008-2014

**Reposted with updated maps.

I have been wanting to do these maps for awhile now, as there have been several searches on the site for them and they weren’t available. It took a lot of work, but here they are!


In 2008, almost all murders were contained within the I-270 boundaries. The East and South Sides were the worst areas.


In 2009, there began to be a bit of diffusion on where murder was taking place. While parts of the urban core remained the worst areas, suburban areas also saw the occasional murder.


The diffusion continued in 2010.


And in 2011.


2012 was the most diffuse of all the years, with no heavily concentrated areas, even in the urban core as much. Meanwhile, most of the suburban zip codes within Franklin County saw at least 1 murder.



The only conclusion that may be able to be drawn from these maps is that the urban core appears to be gradually having fewer murders, and that the further out areas are either increasing or staying steady. Meaning that the core is getting safer, while outer areas are maintaining or increasing their murder rates.

  • Mark Stimple

    Or to sum it up…. productive, desirable people moving to the city and replacing unproductive, undesirable people. Otherwise known as gentrification. Don’t know why all the p.c. diversity worshipers get their panties all up in a bunch about it.

    • Jon

      Diversity in terms of race or ethnicity plays absolutely no role in crime rates, though. Poverty and education levels do, and they go hand in hand. If you grow up poor, no matter where you come from or what the color of your skin is, you will automatically have a much harder time in terms of upward mobility. Poor people can work every bit as hard as anyone else, only with a much lower likelihood that they’ll move into a different economic class, partly because higher education is almost impossible for many. Culturally, this just naturally leads to less… legal means of income.