2017 City Demographic Estimates Continue to Show a Changing City

The 2017 Census estimates came out today for cities and counties. The estimates can be found here.

Highlights for the City of Columbus
-The non-Hispanic Asian population continues to skyrocket, up over 67% since 2010.
-Beyond that, all other racial groups saw population growth within the city since 2010.
-The foreign-born population has climbed above 105,000, and now represents 12% of the total population, the highest % level since 1890.
-Every age group has increased since 2010, but the older working-age population increased the most, as seen below:
19 and Under: +17,962
20-34: +22,627
35-64: +32,045
65+: +22,234

Check out all of the City, County and Metro Area demographic and population data on the Columbus Demographics page.