Cool Link of the Day: Spatial Mismatch in Local Employment

The Urban Institute released a study on San Francisco and Columbus metro areas and how the number of listed jobs match the number of job seekers. Take a look at it with the link here: Too Far From Jobs

Columbus Fantasy Transit Map

Over the years, various people have created transit maps for Columbus. Seemingly borne out of frustration over Columbus’ transit, or more specifically, the lack thereof, the maps have been a great way to stir discussion and debate on the current and future state of transit in the city. Surprisingly, I have never thought to do one myself until recently.
While the map is a work in progress and more will be added, it currently includes 12 light rail lines, 1 heavy rail line and 8 BRT/Bus lines. Take a look at the full map, where you can click each station and check related connections to other lines, here: Columbus Fantasy Transit Map

Cool Link of the Day: Election Patterns Mapped

In light of the upcoming Midterms, here’s a great site that maps congressional districts since 1840. You can see how the districts have changed in size and shape, and how those districts have voted in each election.

Cool Link of the Day: Student Debt Mapped

This link shows the amount of student debt by zip code for the entire country. Scroll down to any city to find out student debt delinquency rates, incomes and loan balances.

2017 City Demographic Estimates Continue to Show a Changing City

The 2017 Census estimates came out today for cities and counties. The estimates can be found here.

Highlights for the City of Columbus
-The non-Hispanic Asian population continues to skyrocket, up over 67% since 2010.
-Beyond that, all other racial groups saw population growth within the city since 2010.
-The foreign-born population has climbed above 105,000, and now represents 12% of the total population, the highest % level since 1890.
-Every age group has increased since 2010, but the older working-age population increased the most, as seen below:
19 and Under: +17,962
20-34: +22,627
35-64: +32,045
65+: +22,234

Check out all of the City, County and Metro Area demographic and population data on the Columbus Demographics page.