Photos from Columbus Christmases Past

Date: 1952
Location: Corner of W. Town Street and S. Ludlow Street along the Scioto River.

Santa and Mrs. Claus ride on a float in the annual Lazarus Christmas parade.

Date: 1980
Location: Ohio Expo Center Multipurpose Building at 717 E. 17th Avenue.

The Festival of Trees was an annual event sponsored by Children’s Hospital and Nationwide for charities. In 1980, there were 82 themed Christmas trees on display, which people could buy for at prices up to $1,000 each.

Date: Christmas Day, 1983
Location: Corner of Ebner and Columbus Street, German Village

Christmas 1983 was one of the coldest on record, with a high of just 1 degree above zero and an average temperature of -6. The cold caused water mains to burst in several locations, including in German Village, which some children took advantage of for a little fun.

Date: 1965
Location: 518 E. Broad Street

State Auto Mutual Insurance began holding a Christmas lighting event every year beginning in 1931.

Date: Around 1955
Location: Lazarus Department Store, South High Street

Lazarus was famous for its window Christmas displays for well over 100 years, with many being very elaborate. The Christmas displays continued until the 2000s.

Date: 1992
Location: Scioto Riverfront, Downtown

The replica of Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria, decorated for Christmas in the photo, sat in Battelle Riverfront Park from 1991 until it was permanently dismantled during construction of Scioto Greenways in 2014.